Next Gen Visual Collaboration for Media Production

How Will Your Production Team Collaborate in the Future

The way production teams collaborate will no doubt need to change in the future.  A combination of on-site and remote operators, producers, operational staff, crew and management will need to fully collaborate wherever they are and have a real time view of shows and projects as they progress through the facility, studio and remote shooting locations. 

Future reliance on face to face meetings, multiple spreadsheets, shared google calendars, post-it notes will no longer be an effective way to manage bookings, schedule personnel and equipment resources, create workorders and track costs.
You may not have the time or resources to look at adding a new solution immediately.  But taking the time to look at new production collaboration tools now will allow you to come back stronger when business normality resumes.
Teamium is a cloud based end to end production management system designed for multiple teams and clients to collaborate in any location and automate the project from budgeting and booking through to invoicing.  
The Teamium mobile application allows team members to work at home or remote locations, provide real time updates on completed project tasks allowing the project to move to the next stage of completion.
Project Collaboration Across Onsite and Remote Teams