TTI’s ESG Approach and Strategic Framework

Sustainability is a fundamental component at TTI and is integrated into every facet of our business. Prioritizing our ESG values throughout our strategy and decision-making process has resulted in significant value creation for all our stakeholders through our four strategic drivers.

We are committed to a more sustainable future through our focus on cordless technology and products that enhance the living and working environments of users. To achieve this, we recognize the significance of continuously engaging with our stakeholders in order to understand and meet their needs, as well as to comply with developing legal, industry, environment, health, and safety standards.

TTI’s Powerful Brands have a long-standing history of success in developing innovative, durable, reliable, and safe products that address the ever-shifting demands of consumers. By responsibly channeling resources into creating Innovative Products, we are leading the transition from gas, corded, manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic-powered products to cordless battery-powered alternatives. Such a transition removes the harmful environmental, health and safety impacts of outdated technologies. Our past, present, and future success is powered by our Exceptional People. It starts with hiring the right people, then fostering and retaining them through our Leadership Development Program, which is the heart of our strategy and culture. We are committed to a multicultural, diverse, and inclusive workplace where all levels of our associates can flourish while building a better future for our business, our customers, and the communities where we operate. Through our Operational Excellence, we uphold the highest standards of integrity across our value chain. We ensure responsible and disciplined execution — whether it be in decarbonizing our operations, disposing waste responsibly, preserving natural capital, sourcing ethically, optimizing supply chain logistics, or managing the repairability and the end-of-life cycle of our products.

In 2022, in addition to adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) we continued to maintain our memberships with organizations such as Better Mining Initiative and Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

We are very proud of formally supporting the mission of the Paris Agreement by signing the Science Based Target initiatives (SBTi) commitment letter. By signing the letter, we are committing to setting a science-based target, including Scope 3. This demonstrates our devotion to prioritizing our decarbonization agenda and creating a more sustainable world.

For each of our focus areas of Products, Environment, Social & Community, and Governance, we outline how we have managed the key sustainability issues that are material to our business in 2022, along with the goals and initiatives that bring us closer to achieving long-term resilience.