Corporate Governance

We continued to strengthen our governance practices as we haveadopted codes and policies that reinforce accountability within our operations and across our supply chain.

To hold TTI’s governance practices to the highest standard, we ensure they are aligned with global sustainability goals and principles, including the UNSDGs, GRI Standards, SASB, TCFD and other key multi-stakeholder forums. In addition, we disclose with the CDP.

The TTI Board of Directors drives our governance practices to enhance shareholder interest and promote sustainability. Corporate governance is vital for maintaining sustainability.

The Company is committed to high standard corporate governance to enhance shareholders’ interests and promote sustainable development. A quality board of directors (the “Board”) with balanced skills, experience and diversity of perspectives is vital to the Company for effective risk management, internal controls and leadership, as well as transparency
and accountability to all shareholders. The Board reviewed codes of conducts, policies and practices, corporate governance framework and disclosure of the Corporate Governance Report in our annual report, from time to time, to improve the Company’s corporate governance practices in respect of the latest developments on all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


At TTI, we ensure that protecting our customers, employees, and business data meets the highest standards. We have taken the necessary measures to prevent data breaches and enhance our cybersecurity network and digital system.
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