Next Gen Visual Collaboration for Media Production

Teamium give you more control with timely alerts so you can make necessary adjustments to project resources in line to your budget.

Ashley Burn (from Sunset Production)

Your Spreadsheet is free. Is it really?

Your time is not free.

You use spreadsheets for creating quotations, booking freelance resources, editing contracts, and consolidating time sheets and financials.
Manual entry and reentry of data in several spreadsheets not only takes more time but could result in human errors.

Time spent with manual tools significantly impacts your efficiency and prevents you from allocating more time to your core business activities. Worse, human errors can have catastrophic consequences.

90 % of Spreadsheets have errors


70% of time is lost

More than 90% of production teams still use spreadsheets, emails and multiple disjointed systems. Productivity is severely constrained by the lack of centralized collaboration tools needed to proactively manage the demands of a highly complex, dynamic and time sensitive production process. Stuff falls through the cracks; 70% of time is lost forever in unproductive work