In 1983, Hart Tool Co., Inc. launched in Los Angeles, California with a product line consisting solely of framing hammers. The original HART hammer line was created for framers, by framers. From the beginning, the HART brand has set itself apart from the competition by providing unique combinations of head and arm shapes, saving center line balance. The focus for the HART brand has always been delivering innovative features on hammers, including exceptional weight balance ratio, polished hammer heads, a progressive angled face design, a side nail pull, and an aesthetically pleasing, futuristic design.


Continuing on with this legacy and heritage, the newest line of HART hammers continues to build upon these industry changing innovations with an arsenal of Signature Features found on each HART tool. Built upon the success of its framing hammers the HART brand has expanded its tool line to include all-purpose hammers, mattocks, axes, mauls, wedges, sledge hammers, chisels, and struck tools.


With superior performance and innovative Signature Features, you can be assured that NOTHING HITS HARDER than a HART tool.